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Michael Augello

Michael Augello began his career in the construction industry in 1974 as a residential carpenter. He was attracted to solar designed homes, and arranged to be on some crews building early Active Solar homes in the 70’s, which took advantage of the Federal Govt. incentives available during the Carter administration. He soon teamed up with a carpenter buddy, and began to subcontract carpentry work on many new solar & non solar custom homes, geodesic domes, and timber frame homes. During this time he bought his first income property – a boarded up 4 story Victorian row house in the dilapidated downtown area of Newburgh, NY; an old mill city in the Hudson Valley in New York State. As the Reagan administration began, the tax incentives for solar disappeared, and the interest in energy efficient homes dwindled. However, a new Federal tax incentive appeared: the Historic Renovation Tax Credit.

Working weekends and evenings, he worked to rehab the 1867 house into 4 apartments, while continuing his own residential carpentry jobs during the weekdays. He was asked to work on other properties in the neighborhood, and soon formed his own company, which specialized in Historic Restoration and Rehabilitation. All during the 80’s, he worked on over a hundred different historic projects, mostly as the General Contractor. This work satisfied his drive to build “green” (a term that was unknown back then), since he was actually recycling not only buildings, but entire neighborhoods. He grew the company to 45 employees, winning several regional awards for the projects they completed. He studied the science of restoration, as well as the bureaucracy involved in getting the projects “certified” to receive tax credits. He was often hired as a consultant in other cities to help developers conceive and design a successful downtown historic rehab project. (He was one of only 5 consultants in NY State who was recommended by the State Dept. of Parks, which oversaw the certification of historic rehab projects.) He also found investment opportunities in the old abandoned downtowns of these Mid-Hudson cities, and soon put together investment syndicates, developed pro-formas, took the projects through the design and approval process, arranged financing, and finally rehabbed the properties. He also obtained his real estate brokers license, so he could start his own property management company, because he soon had over 50 apartment units completed to manage.

Michael moved to Telluride in the 1990s to work for Wodehouse Builders and then on to Aspen, Colorado in 1998. He has served as a member of Pitkin County’s Planning & Zoning commission since 2004. He became a full partner is Wodehouse-Augello in 2006. He & his wife Gladys live in Basalt in a house they are remodeling.  The mountain lifestyle keeps them busy in their spare time, with concerts to attend, and hiking, biking and camping in the summer;  snowboarding & snowshoeing in the winter.

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