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At Wodehouse-Augello Builders, we have developed a detailed interoffice system of communication that makes the process of building and renovating as enjoyable and trouble-free as possible. Our strong office support staff handles the day-to-day paperwork and follow up that frees our Job Superintendents to oversee projects in the field. Full-time Project Managers handle estimating, scheduling and subcontractor selection. Our team approach to construction allows us to detect potential scheduling problems before they become real, forecast budget overruns prior to their occurrence, and we can compare costs between suppliers to ensure that our clients are getting the most competitive prices.

We understand that the involvement of clients and designers is essential to the success of our projects, so we prepare weekly updates to keep everyone informed on the project’s status. In addition, we compile a detailed calendar of work stages so out-of-town clients can adequately plan visits to the job site at key decision-making times. Sophisticated accounting, scheduling and job-costing systems allow us to generate accurate billings and pay invoices in a timely manner.

Excerpts of forms

Organization is the key to a smooth operation. Browse through a sample of our custom-designed forms and a you'll get a clear idea of how well you will be treated and how seriously we take each project.

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