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Green Building is construction with ecological awareness. It involves making conscious choices in the selection of building materials and on-site practices to achieve conservation of energy, water, and other material resources. As well as minimizing construction's impact on the environment, Green Building seeks to lower health risks to installers and occupants. New building materials and energy-efficient technology make it possible to look at alternatives to the traditional ways of constructing buildings. There are techniques and products that will save money compared to conventional methods.

Below are web site and email links for your use in collecting more information on Green Building:

Environmental Building News www.buildinggreen.com
Green Building Resource Guide www.greenguide.com
Solar Energy International (email) SEI@solarenergy.org
Green Clips - Free Subscription (email) GreenClips@aol.com
Green Builder Program and newsletter www.greenbuilder.com
Rocky Mountain Institute www.rmi.org
US Green Building Council www.usgbc.org
Energy & Environmental Building
  Association (EEBA)
E Magazine www.emagazine.com
Forest Stewardship Council www.fscoax.org

Green Building Checklist


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